Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening :First, the bleaching agent is applied to your teeth, and an LED light,  is then directed at your teeth. LED lights speed up the tooth-bleaching process by helping the peroxide to break down faster, forming free radicals that whiten the teeth 

Researchers discovered that the break down of peroxide into free radicals would occur much more rapidly if the peroxide were exposed to bright intense blue-green light in the wavelength of 480-520 nanometers. So this light greatly speeds up the reaction that makes teeth whiter, allowing cosmetic teeth whitening to occur in a matter of minutes rather than many hours of exposure to the peroxide. The result is bright white teeth in 15-30 minutes.

This whitening gels and accelerator light as the teeth are exposed to the light and the  gel and for 15 minutes will result in an average color change of 2-4 shades whiter as measured on a dental shade guide, and 5-8 shades whiter in a double treatment of two 15-minute treatments back to back in the same appointment. So, let us take care of whiter teeth fast Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System. Call (914) 882-2422 now to schedule an appointment.