Photo Light Therapy

Key benefits can include

Photo-stimulate blood flow

LED stimulates blood flow to the dermis layer of your skin, causing an increase in production of collagen and elastin.

Induce fast healing and decrease pain

Studies around the world have shown that using LED light therapy on wounds reduces pain and significantly speeds up healing.

Blue light

Experts believe that blue LED light reduces activity in the sebaceous glands, which are small oil-producing glands in the skin. This reduction in activity causes the glands to produce less oil, possibly improving acne symptoms. Blue light also kills a type of bacteria that contributes to acne inflammation

Also this blue light can improve the healing of third degree burns.

Target and reduce active acne and acne bacteria

Blue light LED works by killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that lives below the surface of the skin and is responsible for acne.

Red light

Red LED light may improve scarring and signs of aging, such as wrinkles.  by acting on fibroblasts cells, which are skin cells that are responsible for collegen production. Collagen is a protein in the skin and other connective tissues. It plays a role in skin healing. The body produces less collagen as a person ages, which causes the skin to show signs of aging.

Red light also reduces skin inflammation.

Uses and benefits

LED light therapy can help treat a variety of skin problems, including:

One of the main benefits of LED light therapy is its safety record. It does not contain UV rays, which can be harmful to the skin. Therefore, LED therapy is suitable for regular use. Unlike chemical peels or laser therapy, LED light therapy does not cause burns. The treatment is also safe for all types and colors of skin.

It is necessary to have several treatment sessions before noticing an improvement in skin appearance. People usually see the best results several weeks after their last treatment. It may also be necessary to have follow-up sessions to maintain these results.